Tototheo Maritime wins Smart4Sea Connectivity Award

Tototheo Maritime, the Cyprus based communications and transformation experts, have won the prestigious SMART4SEA Connectivity Award in Athens, Greece this week.
The Awards are organised by SAFETY4SEA to recognise those fostering ‘Smart Excellence & Sustainable Shipping’ and the winners, are selected through an open industry vote.
Tototheo Maritime won the Connectivity Award for ‘providing a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution with respect to ship connectivity’ through their people-centred approach to connectivity and communication solutions.
Accepting the award, Constantinos Spyrou, Tototheo Chief Commercial Officer, said it was a great honour to have been recognised for the efforts the company makes to continuously enable the evolution of connectivity solutions in the maritime sector.
“We see our customers as partners, as friends, as part of the family” he stated, “This evolution is happening quickly and we must embrace it along with the changes and the potential that it brings with it. Tototheo Maritime is a dynamic company and as such is not only keeping up with these developments but is also initiating them”.
Tototheo is a company helping others to realise the benefits of the changing levels of connectivity, but doing so with the core values of a family founded company in mind.
“At Tototheo we have worked hard to encourage our industry to understand the benefits of change, of transformation and we will continue in our role as a facilitator, a partner, an initiator”, said Mr Spyrou.
Tototheo would like to thank the industry for the vote of confidence that they are delivering what the maritime sector wants and needs, and for welcoming companies that can balance integrity, ethics and relationships alongside evolution.