Piraeus Port Authority SA assigns to Huawei Technologies SA the project of modernizing its network Infrastructure

Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) SA and the Huawei Technologies SA are pleased to announce the contract conclusion for the modernization of the PPA network infrastructure.

Huawei Technologies SA, after an international open tender, undertook the project of redesigning and replacement of the PPA’s network infrastructure. More specifically, Huawei Greece, using optimal international practices and utilizing the latest technology products and solutions of the Group, will replace the existing network infrastructure of PPA, aiming to satisfy the requirements of the biggest port of Greece.

In the framework of this project, Huawei will offer:
1. Requirements Analysis – Designing of project implementation
2. Supply, installation and adaptation of the required equipment including:
 Internet routers
 Firewall protection:
i. Internet Firewalls
ii. Campus & Data Center Firewalls,
 Switches:
i. Data Center switches
ii. Campus Core Switches
iii. Demilitarized Zone
iv. Campus Aggregation Switches
v. Campus Access Switches
3. Transition services to the new network with zero down time
4. Training services to the network operators and
5. Support services during the initial period of the productive operation.

PPA SA, by modernizing its network infrastructure, will enjoy network services of guaranteed availability, high-speed data rates from 20Gbps up to 80Gbps, capable of supporting any future need as well as shielding against network threats.

The CEO of PPA SA, Captain Fu Chengqiu stated:
“PPA SA with this important cooperation with Huawei is taking another step towards a new era of providing high quality services, using the most advanced IT communication solutions”.

Mr. Chenle, Managing Director of Huawei Greece, said:
“We are very pleased that Huawei Greece will actively contribute to the modernization of Piraeus Port Authority (PPA), the largest port of the country. In accordance to the range of the operational sectors of PPA (Container, Cruise, Passenger and Car Stations), and the particular demands in the areas of performance, reliability, and security of its network infrastructure, Huawei will provide solutions based on the best international design practices and the Group’s latest technology products in order to meet PPA’s operational demands.”