Capitalizing on the long established track record of organizing highly successful large scale maritime conferences in major industry centers around the world, the 3rd Annual Capital Link International Shipping Forum – China will take place on Friday, April 20th, 2018 at the Grand Kempinski Hotel, in Shanghai, China. The Forum is held in partnership with Columbia Shipmanagement and Singhai Marine Services, in cooperation with ICBC Leasing and with the support of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Commission of Commerce (International Shipping Service Office).

The event will explore how International & Chinese shipowners, leasing firms, and industry players can benefit from the latest trends in global financing, capital markets, private equity, and alternative financing. It will connect shipowners with global shipping industry leaders, investors and capital providers to discuss joint venture opportunities, demonstrate how to optimize technical & commercial ship management, and will tackle issues of critical significance to the industry such as cybersecurity & digitalization, preparing for the 2020 regulations, geopolitical & market trends affecting shipping.
The majority of the speakers and panelists are experts and top decision makers from global organizations. They come to Shanghai prepared to address critical topics of interest to the industry and to interact with high level executives from the shipping, shipbuilding and finance communities.
The event features senior executives from:
• 27+ international and Chinese shipping companies and shipyards;
• Top 5 Chinese Leasing firms;
• Top 6 global shipping banks;
• Major alternative finance providers & private equity funds;
• Leading Law Firms, Classification Societies, P&I Clubs, Advisory Firms & other industry participants
As such, attendees of the 3rd Capital Link International Shipping Forum – China can expect a high level of rich industry information and unique networking opportunities with key maritime industry players, including influential members from the shipping, shipbuilding, investment banks financial leasing companies as well as global traders of major dry bulk and energy commodities in one event.

• Global Shipping Markets Presentation
A review of the main shipping markets – dry bulk, tanker, gas, containers – Sectors’ Outlook.
• Game Changers & the Role of Chinese Shipyards
How shipowners and Chinese Shipyards gear to address the new environmental regulations, technological and ship design innovations which may have a transformational impact on the industry.
• Global Maritime Clusters – Competitive Advantages & Business Development Opportunities
 Hong Kong
 Malta
• Cyber Security, Digitalization & Blockchain
 Protect from Digital Kidnap;
 Optimize Connectivity & Operational Efficiency;
 Digital transformation enables new data-driven business development opportunities across marine services
• The Future of Ship Management
Trends & Developments in Technical Fleet Management
• The Evolution of International Ship Finance – Outlook for 2018-2020
 The changing landscape of ship finance;
 Traditional & alternative sources of capital for international & Chinese owners around the world
 Types of available capital; cost, structure and typical terms
• Financial Leasing
Chinese Leasing has become a dominant form of ship finance for the Chinese & International Shipping Industry. The panel will discuss the outlook for further growth with new market entrants and players, where new capital can come from, what types of deals and owners can qualify for leasing and joint ventures between leasing firms & cargo owners.
• Global Shipping Banks & The Availability of Finance for the Chinese & International Shipping Industry
 Banks have been the traditional source of finance for the shipping industry – how major shipping banks deal with new regulatory and market challenges.
 Is the bank finance market shrinking or growing? Is new capital available for the industry? Who can qualify for bank finance and at what cost and terms?
• Alternative Finance & Private Equity
 Are there sources of capital beyond bank finance & financial leasing?
 New & Alternative Sources of Capital for Projects & Smaller Owners
 Credit Funds – Debt Finance & Structured Equity – Private Equity
• Putting it All Together – The Chinese Shipowners’ Perspective
 Leading Chinese Shipowners will discuss opportunities and challenges for the shipping industry across the board.
 Shipping markets outlook, energy and commodity flows, investment opportunities, access to capital, operational and regulatory challenges and more.
• Putting it All Together – The International Shipowners’ Perspective
 Leading International Shipowners will discuss opportunities and challenges for the shipping industry across the board.
 Shipping markets outlook, energy and commodity flows, investment opportunities, access to capital, operational and regulatory challenges and more.
 Also, they will discuss business opportunities with China and in the wider region.

The annual “Capital Link China Shipping Leadership Award” aims to recognize the valuable contribution of those personalities who, through their long-established career, have played a decisive part to Chinese shipping gaining a leading position in the International Maritime Community.
The “2018 Capital Link China Shipping Leadership Award” will be presented to Captain Xie Chun Lin, Managing Director of China Merchant Energy Shipping. The award is given in recognition for building CMES into a leading global integrated energy transportation enterprise.

In 2017, the “Capital Link China Shipping Leadership Award” was presented to Mr. Zhang Ye, President – Shanghai Shipping Exchange, and in 2016 the award was presented to Mr. Yang Xian Xiang, CEO – SITC International Holdings.

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